Transformer oil tends to degrade over time. The oil is exposed to undesirable materials like acids, metal dust, moisture, etc. When transformers contain dissolved gases, dust, and other contaminants, it is time to take action for the oil to be filtered and purified.

At Astron Electrik Transformer maintenance and services vehicles maintain high-quality equipment for treating oil using in-line transformer oil filtration techniques. These techniques help sustain excellent performance, safety, and ease of operation for transformer maintenance staff.Transformer/insulatingoil is often stable at high temperatures. Other than that, the following are functions of insulating oil:

• As cooler
When the voltage goes up/down, the temperature of the transformer’s windings increases, oil is used to cool down the condition.

• As insulator
It acts as an insulator between the windings. It increases the resistance between them and avoids short circuits.

•For security
It operates the level of oil inside the transformer. The temperature display of oil describes the inner condition of the transformer and shows any short circuit status. In this way, you will prevent the transformer from being severe losses and damages.